Why Is Integrative Medicine a Different Medicine?

Integrative Medicine is different.

  • Doctors who are part of Integrative Medicine, we consider the patient as an individual being (physical, mental, moody)

There's no doubt we're all different. In Medicine we have treatment protocols for multiple pathologies, but not all of us respond equal to those treatments.That's why we're better than others if we respond better to a certain drug or supplement or therapy, or unfortunately, do we have a worse metabolism than others?.Well, no, just that everyone has a particular code and the important thing is to know it, deepen it and accept it. There are no better or worse metabolisms, but we can't treat them all as if they were the same.Can I give the same diet to a growing 5-year-old, a pregnant woman, an athlete or a 65-year-old man who is about to retire? We're all clear, no, it wouldn't be the right thing to do. This is the only way to understand a personalized Medicine, tailored to each of us and to our particular needs.

  • Our goal is to promote the body's healing capacity

This is not to say that we give an order, a change, a supplement and we wait for sitting watching the news… No!! First of all there is always an active attitude, with a dynamic feedback. Our body is wise, we are the results of millions of years of evolution, our organism will always try to recompose and move on. But to do this we have to help him not to "harass" him with harmful substances and to give him what he needs. It's as simple as making a recipe with the right amounts to get the dish we already know; sometimes the temperature, the humidity,.. our mood!! … change the outcome. The same goes for us, we are not inside an airtight box, we are part of an environment and we have a language, a dialogue to maintain.Well, that's what I'm with you for, to bring them together and find a balance of your well-being. Because feeling good gives us freedom, doesn't it?

Many years ago I visited Costa Rica, a beautiful country, rich and incredible, in its people and in its land. When you ask them "how are you?" or say hello to say "goodbye," everyone answers "Pura Vida." This phrase is an icon for Costa Ricans and symbolizes the simplicity of good living, the abundance that surrounds them, exuberance, well-being, joy, peace, satisfaction, conformity, happiness and the art of appreciating the simple and the natural, in short, the art of good living.

I think it's a wonderful phrase.Pure Life !

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