What does DIETOWIN offer?

Basically it can be summarized in ease, speed and guarantee to make PERSONALIZED DIETS

Personalized Diets?

Yes. Everyone needs his own diet, because we are not the same; nor do we all eat the same; nor do we have the same tastes, nor the same eating habits and of course the same pathologies. Diets for “Weight Control”, but also to correct different dismetabolisms or as a coadjuvant of other therapy.Because the elaboration of a correct, personalized diet requires characteristic factors such as: age, weight, height, sex, basal metabolism, physical state, daily activity, physiological state, dismetabolic situations, organoleptic preferences, tastes and eating habits, nutritional variety, seasonality , etc.

How to Customize?

It is to determine the nutritional Intake of a person and adapt it to his daily energetic expense to elaborate a diet, whose aim will be to obtain a loss, gain or stabilization of the weight. Respecting for this its dismetabolic state, the organoleptic preferences, the tastes and alimentary habits and to establish the days of treatment. All supported by a weekly or biweekly monitoring to control the results obtained.