Why a clinical psychologist?
Clinical psychology is the branch of psychology that deals with the factors that affect mental health and adaptive behaviors of the human individual.
Its objective is to investigate these factors to value them, to create a diagnosis for a subsequent therapeutic treatment, in order to eliminate, reduce and prevent the person’s discomfort and suffering.
Sometimes in our lives we encounter problematic situations, of normal, we usually use those solutions that have worked for us and we have learned to solve them. However, sometimes it can happen that these strategies do not serve and we find ourselves at a standstill, where no alternative pathways are generated that make possible a viable solution to the specific problem. Then it is time to turn to a psychology professional and the time has come to make therapy.

Through the dialogue and the joint work of the psychotherapist and the client, we managed to identify those factors that are originating and maintaining a problem, to apply a series of techniques and therapeutic strategies aimed at modifying those Emotional, cognitive, behavioral or interpersonal patterns that constitute the problem.

What are we working on?

-Anxiety disorders
-Depression and emotional disorders
-Sexual difficulties
-Couples Therapy
-Difficulties in childhood
-Difficulties in adolescence
-Phobias and Obsessions
-Eating Disorders
-Personality disorder

Most frequent signs to go to therapy:

  • By feeling anxiety or nervousness that is constant and uncontrollable.
  • When emotional reactions cannot be controlled (crying,
    Anger, shame…)
  • When sadness and melancholy has settled in your life.
  • When they feel discouraged, nothing satisfies them or they have lost
    The ability to enjoy your life (partner, friends, work…)
  • When there is an uncontrollable fear that affects aspects
    Important in your life.
  • When control over substance use has been lost
    (Tobacco, alcohol, recreational drugs…) and affects your health or your
    Relationships with others.
  • When you have trouble eating or sleeping.