Electroacupuncture of Voll is a basically diagnostic method, which also includes certain treatment modalities. This technique combines the fundamentals of classical Chinese acupuncture with modern electronics, to offer the possibility of establishing more precise diagnoses, in turn to make a more effective treatment.

In this system you have an integral vision of the human organism, and energy is measured through points located on the skin, in which you can see reflected the general state of our different systems, such as the circulatory system, the endocrine system, the digestive system and others.

Electroacupuncture of Voll is based on the reading of points that belong to the meridians of Acupuncture. Acupuncture is originally from China and is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is based on a whole philosophy. This medicine takes into account the global nature of the organism and speaks of the five elements, where everything is related. According to the Chinese, the vital energy or chi (or qi) travels through energy channels that they call “Meridians”. There are 12 basic or main meridians, which are related to organs and viscera of the body, plus 2 extraordinary meridians. Meridians are energy routes that guide the bioelectrical energy generated by the internal organs, from the inside of the body to the periphery. In these channels we find a series of points, which are also related to the organs to which these meridians belong.
Health evaluation and therapeutic options for Functional Organometry (EAV).


  • Measure the energy state of the different meridians and recognize if in any of them, and therefore in the organ linked to it, there is an energy imbalance. This can be restored by different types of specific impulses and frequencies.
  • Recognize if the measured organ presents irritative (infectious) or degenerative tendencies (organic weakness).
  • Reconocer, a través del “test de medicamentos”, ante que componente (natural o químico) reacciona el paciente de forma positiva o negativa. De esta forma podemos recomendar el complemento correcto y reconocer aquel que no tolere.
  • Recognize in the same way, if the homeopathic remedy and the selected power is the correct one and therefore be able to recommend the ideal remedy.
  • Recognize if a patient is affected by substances that are burdensome for the organism, such as allergens or toxic substances that the patient is exposed to on a daily basis and that can greatly affect their health, such as; pollen, mites, animal hairs, building materials, paints, fabrics, food and additives used by the food industry, pesticides, insecticides, medicines, dental materials such as prostheses or fillings, and a long etc. With the EAV we can recognize, not only allergies, but also intolerances, without the need for annoying and long-lasting tests. The energy information of said substance can be measured instantly without having confronted the patient with the chemical components of said substance, thereby excluding unwanted reactions.
  • Recognize if the patient has chronic intoxication and what is the toxic substance that weakens the patient. The therapy will consist of promoting the excretion of the toxic and recommending specific therapeutic remedies.
  • Recognize and treat the energetic blockages of the organism that ultimately prevent healing even though we have recommended the correct remedy. These blocks can be; foci, fields of alterations, scars, intoxications, etc.
  • Recognize the interorganic communications and therefore check, for example, if a specific tooth has a pathological influence on the unbalanced organ.
  • Perform electrical stimulation of the acupoint through sedative, stimulating or toning impulses. This stimulation is applied directly by the measurement probe without the need to puncture with needles. The therapeutic results obtained can be checked instantly. This technique is very advisable in children or person are panic to needles.

Voll electroacupuncture is a method based on serious scientific studies, practiced internationally for more than fifty years by thousands of doctors and different health professionals. It is painless, clean and fast. Indicated also for children, preventive, natural and perhaps most importantly, without causing the undesired side effects known from conventional methods.

Indications; the same known acupuncture, homeopathy and naturopathy, especially chronic pathologies among which we could find autoimmune pathologies (allergies, neurodermitis, …), rheumatic, neurological (neuralgia, multiple sclerosis, …), degenerative, pathologies of the locomotor system …. and a long etc.